Thursday, July 09, 2009

The time

It's for my students of 1st secondary and 2nd secondary B , from the EAS .

Click on the title or on the picture and play the Time game. By the you know this famous Dali's painting? . Look for it and tell me

Most of you know the Time, it's an excellent way to practice it.

Here is a song about time. Very funny !!!
Listen and learn. The translation is in the comment, as you're working on your own.

Good luck and Enjoy !!!
Any questions ?? write a comment, you can use Spanish.


susanacanelo said...

Un Minuto parece un minuto
(relaciones de tiempo)

(coro) Un minuto parece un minuto.
Un día parece un día.
Pero una hora haciendo lo que no te gusta es mas larga que una de jugar.

Puedo leer un libro durante una hora, y quedarme y quedarme y quedarme-
Peor un minuto de limpiar mi cuarto parece mas largo que un día.


Juego al fútbol durante dos horas.
Y siempre quiero más.
Pero un minuot de esperar mi turno.
Parece mucho más que si fueran cuatro.


micaela cornucho said...

hello the game is very funny. I play the game. micaela.EAS

juan francisco aliandri said...

hello teacher.i´m going

andres massaccesi said...

I liked the game. I play the time .

andres massaccesi 7 eas

Elio said...

I' m Elio

Brian said...

I am kely

EMANUEL V said...

hello teacher the game very funny.

Agustina Tordo and Caterina Sayavedra said...

The games is really good.We´re Agustina Tordo and Caterina Sayavedra.


Tordo and Sayavedra said...

I didit grong. We´re Tordo and Sayavedra.

Kiss teacher!!!

juan emilio zande said...

hello i´m juan emilio zande the games is very good¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Lara Laforcada Molfino said...

Hello teacher!!!the game is very good!!!Lara

Trejo said...

I´m playing. Juan Pablo Trejo

lia sanchez said...

hello teacher the game is very good I like it !!! lia sanchez E.A.S

Ezequiel Crincoli said...

Hello!! The song is nice!

lia sanchaez said...

hello teacher i like very muche this game lia sanchaz 7º

santiago martinez said...

santiago martinez i like¡¡¡¡

Gina_mrm_04 said...


Rustichelli M. Gina


nos vemos!!

Andres massaccesi said...

y play the time and the duck and dictation

Andres Massaccesi

zabal and perez.facu said...

hello we play. zabaljauregui and perez.f

NEHUEN said...