Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food Inc

The current method of raw food production is largely a response to the growth of the fast food industry since the 1950s. The production of food overall has more drastically changed since that time than the several thousand years prior. Controlled primarily by a handful of multinational corporations, the global food production business - with an emphasis on the business - has as its unwritten goals production of large quantities of food at low direct inputs (most often subsidized) resulting in enormous profits, which in turn results in greater control of the global supply of food sources within these few companies. Health and safety (of the food itself, of the animals produced themselves, of the workers on the assembly lines, and of the consumers actually eating the food) are often overlooked by the companies, and are often overlooked by government in an effort to provide cheap food regardless of these negative consequences.

We're going to watch the video in class, you can see it again here :

Then in groups of three you're going to work on parts of the video with a written guide and make your own presentation to tell your mates your version of the story.
You can choose one of the topics.The guide is thought for teachers but I'm going to help you to addapt it, don't worry.

After the presentations you'll play a game. Use English, play, enjoy and finally share your ideas about the game and Mc Donald's production of course.

                                                                Mc Donald's game

Adjectives ending in -ing or -ed

My students in 2nd secondary EAS, here we've got extra practice !!
Click here and enjoy. Let me know how you did it. Capture the screen by using the Print Screen or Imp Pant button and paste it in a document. Then send it to the group in Facebook or upload to our wiki.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Creative Writing

If you can't get inspiration, just click HERE. Choose one topic , 
write yout text and 
hand it out to your teacher.
Good luck !

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's for my students in 3rd Secondary EAS. You have to enter this page: Famous People English Lessons

Then choose your favourite one and "reserve it" by writing your name and His or her name in Comments.

After that, do the exercises suggested there.
Finally make a Voicethread.
Don't worry if your comment doesn't appear, I have to accept it first. Good luck ! Susana

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reading easy stories

We're going to read a very easy short story here, and you can choose your favourite one here
Enjoy. Just for beginners ! :)

Learn vocabulary , do the crossword, complete the cloze exercise. Rearrange the words (by double click) to make sentences.
Finally complete the dictation. Don't forget each sentence ends in full stop (point).