Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Universal Record Database

Explore this site and choose a record.
You can choose it because you like it, because you think it's interesting, original, or funny.
Bring it to our classroom to share it.
Get extra points by publishing your own record.

What can you do better?

Listen to the song and tell me.
What can she do better than him?
What can he do better than her?
What can't they do?? Are they in love ?
What do YOU think? What can girls do better than boys and what can boys do better than girls?

If you want to sing it a long, click here and have fun

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Breaking the news

You've got a sound routine for your Spanish classes. Your teacher asked you to bring some news and comment them everyweek. It takes a few minutes and you have to read something in context everyday. We 're going to do the same in our English classes.
Your have to visit this page with  news in English, try to read IN ENGLISH, don't cheat, please. Bring the news to the classroom and share with your mates. Three lines, once a isn't soooo much. You can choose by levels. It's easy, challenge yourself