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Maria Jose Adornetto. said…
Caitlin Roper made a collection of six jack-o-lantern grapes. She cut lids and hollowed them out before handcarving faces into each one.
nicolas pulido said…
ya lo hice elegi el WIDEST DUCT TAPE FLOWER
Dmitri Rainey made this duct tape flower that measures 24 inches at its widest point. Three large rolls of duct tape were used. »
Anonymous said…
Lindsey Weber repeated the phrase "I'll have whats she's having" 22 times in 30 seconds. The phrase is a classic line taken from the film When Harry Met Sally.
kisses, Milita Imbellone, Julianita Acevedo and Emitta Virgilio (:
pagnone alexis said…
ya lo hice señora hasta mañana
Rodriguez Daiana said…
teacher:ya lo hice,elegi Most Jumping Jacks . It´s good.
luchi y dani said…
hello teacher !!!!!
Michael Martin ripped 50 phone books in half in ten minutes.

It's great!!it's brilliant !

good bye !

Luchi y dani!!
Sofia Pavone said…
Elegi: Fatest time to spell "ball" using M&M's.
Record: 15.64 seconds.