Friday, July 10, 2009

The Cell

To 2nd secondary EAS. You can study Biology and learn English !!!
That is killing two birds with one shot .

1-Click on the title and play the game.
You can name the parts on three different cells and then check it. It's a DRAG and DROP game, you choose one name on your right and then drag it to the right place on the picture.

2- Click HERE to find out what a cell is . And look for three parts of the cell and explain what they are.

3- Print one of the cells with the right names.
Add the definition of a cell
Write a glossary of about 12 words
Draw and explain the three parts of the cell you chose.

Very simple. Plain English. Bring your project to our next class on August.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pizza is my favourite food

This is for 2nd secondary A EAS
Click on the title or on the image.
Listen to a Canadian man speaking about his favourite dish , click on the `picture on your right to get the new words.
Then scroll down and do the comprehension exercise. And practice the dialogue at the end.
It's just great !!!

Tell me how you did it. You can prepare an acting out for our next class. Have fun

Snapshot Starter Unit 7

Hi !!! This activity is to practice your wordlist from Snapshot Starter Unit 7.
Click on the title and have fun. If you make many mistakes your duck will die !!!

Tell me how you did it.
The game has disappeared , but I kept it to save your priceless comments.

The time

It's for my students of 1st secondary and 2nd secondary B , from the EAS .

Click on the title or on the picture and play the Time game. By the you know this famous Dali's painting? . Look for it and tell me

Most of you know the Time, it's an excellent way to practice it.

Here is a song about time. Very funny !!!
Listen and learn. The translation is in the comment, as you're working on your own.

Good luck and Enjoy !!!
Any questions ?? write a comment, you can use Spanish.