Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Today is the centenary of International Women's Day . In honor of that day,EQUALS, was directed by  Sam Taylor .
 Daniel Craig, AKA James Bond, appears in drag while Judi Dench does a voice over highlighting the many inequities faced by women. “We’re equals, aren’t we, double 0 seven?” she asks. “Yet it is 2011 and a man is still likely to earn more money than a women, even for the same job.” But, she continued, “It’s not just about money and power. …one in four are victims of domestic violence.” 

When you play the video, if you need it. Click on CC and get the audio transcripted. 
Then make a list of problems women have to face and the question asked to James Bond.
Why do you think Daniel Craig dressed like a woman?

Then enter to the official site of International Women's Day  .
Click on the Theme icon and answer :
What's the 2017 campaign theme ?
When will the gender gap close according to World Economic Forum?

Click on Events icon and search for IWD events in Ottawa, Canada.

Click on News icon and choose one to share with your mates in class.


1- Download the worksheet from Busyteacher.org . It's on your right. Just one page to fill in the gasps .
2- Watch the video and try to complete.
3-Answer these questions and add two of your answers to the comments.

a) When do you need any help?
b) Why do you feel insecure?
c)What do you appreciate about your friends?
d)How do you feel if you feel down?
e)What about giving help ?

4- Finally as usual...sing as if you were alone...

Playing with headlines

Suppose you're a reporter. After clicking on the title, you have to select one or more kinds of newspapers, then you're given a set of clues to discover the words to complete the headline. Once you've finished you can go ahead with another headline or enter to the article.

Print the article you are interested in , bring to our class and make a short comment about it. What it is about, if you knew about it or not, etc.