Saturday, April 12, 2008


To 9th A EAS.
It's a game.
1.Enter and play .Use the key : PRINT SCREEN that copies what you see on your screen and paste it on a Word document. Describe it using the new words .Then send it to me to show the result.
If you prefer, you can leave it as a comment.

2. Optional. Design your own room and describe it. Use the same technique and send it to me.
You're going to have fun and get extra points.

3. I discovered another thing. If you play the game till the end, I receive your score in my e-mail !!! Fantastic. Agustina Bartolomé did it in 5.2 minutes. A good record. How long did you take?

A hug.
Your teacher

Sorry, it doesn't work anymore...I'll keep it anyway , to save my students' comments.