Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hey, 2nd Polimodal !!!

We saw a scene of Gladiator and worked in class with it.

Now at weekend, it's time for fun.

Click on the title and have a good time with a BBC game. Dress your gladiator and send him to the battle. Good luck.

Tell me how you did it.


To my 1st polimodal students.We were talking about apartheid and as I explained, a friend of mine,Dennis Newson from Germany had told us that it's a difficult issue in South Africa.

Maybe I can copy and add his note here.

But Then I asked in Yahoo answers, and here are the results.

Your task:

Read the answers and choose one. Perhaps you can sumarize several of them and add your own comments.You can work by pairs.

Good luck.

Your teacher