Thursday, October 11, 2007


To 1st Polimodal.
We saw 300. What a film!!!
You had to identify the situation in each quote.
(Done in class)
Then choose the best phrase to share with your mates (mini-posters for the classroom).
Remember the blackboard with arrows blotting out the sun.

Finally,as you've got a looooong weekend, make a click on the picture. This way you're going to enter a page : where you can find different comments about the film.
You have to find a positive and a negative one.

Your options are: you can leave it here as a comment. You can hand it to me in class or you can record a message here in the voicethread.

I'm fascinated. You can add your favourite image and record a comment, you can draw and write. Maybe you need to register but it isn't a problem for you digital-natives!!!