The Cell

To 2nd secondary EAS. You can study Biology and learn English !!!
That is killing two birds with one shot .

1-Click on the title and play the game.
You can name the parts on three different cells and then check it. It's a DRAG and DROP game, you choose one name on your right and then drag it to the right place on the picture.

2- Click HERE to find out what a cell is . And look for three parts of the cell and explain what they are.

3- Print one of the cells with the right names.
Add the definition of a cell
Write a glossary of about 12 words
Draw and explain the three parts of the cell you chose.

Very simple. Plain English. Bring your project to our next class on August.

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agustin vaccaro said…
thank you teacher, now go with my mother to make the model of the cel to the biology class...

bye, bye.
agustin vaccaro said…
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daniela santos said…
hello teacher!

thanks the cells helpme with my homework of biology!


daniela santos..
Anonymous said…
hello teacher!!
thanks !
The cells helpme to study biology.

Good Bye !!

...Luciana Caffasso...
Lautaro Iriart said…
Thank you miss this game I help myself very much to " studying and learning something of this topic " you prop very good this one the idea as you say "we lower two birds of 1 shot" I go away llendo kisses and Thanks again!
Your better pupil Lautaro!
agustina sirico said…
hello teacher!

tkank you the cell help me study of biology...

the game is funny!
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher already we did the task but we had problems with that of the celula.

pagnone, sraiber y perez
leandro said…
i don´t know of cell but is very good
rojas, gil di palma said…
hello teacher!
the game is very good
pablo fabbi y pagnone alexis said…
ya lo hicimos profe!!!!!!!!
spilman said…
teacher is very good,, juan manuel spilman,
Daiana Rodriguez said…
Hi! teacher thank you for this exercise, it´s excelent!
Now I can study biology with the exercise of the cell.
Bye. Daiana Rodriguez