"You're great" campaign

We saw this great video in class. We started thinking about the power of our words. Why don't we give a compliment instead of waiting for one??

In several situations we are aware of the possitive qualities of people around us, but we don't usually say it.

Making compliments is going to be our aim !!!

1- Enter this page to know why it is so important

2- You've got a mate drawing to make him/her a compliment

3- Read the instructions and choose the words and phrases you need .
Decide what you like about the mate you're going to compliment. Check the list for ideas.

4-Prepare a draft to check

5- Enter to this Voicethread , register and leave your COMPLIMENT !!!


Florencia Arbe said…
Hi Lucas, I want to tell you some words that for my personality I never tell. You are so friendly that you treat well all your classmates. You have great qualities like being kind, honest, reliable, caring, cheerful and witty
You have positive attitudes and a peaceful nature.

Definitely, you transmit a great sense of humour so you make me smile. But the thing that causes my admiration is that in every sport you practice you put your soul and heart.
You are a picture of a good heart.
Santiago said…
Dear Abril, I mean some things about your personality that I see every day. I like the way you are, because you're a girl who stands up for what is yours or you're interested. Also you're a smart person and capable of handling things is very complex, which I can't. I hope this things that I said will help us in our friendship.