People's appearance

"Don't judge a book by its cover", somebody said. Click on the title or on the picture to see Susan singing.This is the most seen video in the whole history of YouTube.

Listen carefully her introduction before singing. Watch people's faces while she's speaking.
What was she asked? What did the judges say at the end?
Leave a comment with your opinion about what you saw or heard, something you want to share.
You can also read the comments on YouTube. There are a lot of different opinions, awful expressions and wonderful ones. If you take some from there use inverted commas , because it isn't YOUR opinion, and name the author or source.

See you in class.


susanacanelo said…
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Juan Arteta said…
Well, I saw the video and I think the woman is slightly ugly but she has an incredible voice.
I also believe that this woman has a great personality as the way of appearing to the public.

Do not judge a book for its lid.

Good Bye .. Arteta Juan Tomás
Anonymous said…
This video is really good...
Here we can see this material world, where is more important her face that her voice...

Bye teacher

Feli Althabe
Anonymous said…
everyone who has seen this video, has learnt a good lesson, appearance is not the most important gift that God had given to the humanity...
we all should learn how to judge a book after reading it...

nacho Bois
Joaquin Bruno said…
It’s a surprising video ,I didn't expect such a moving thing , I could see how people laughed and how after she started to sing I could see their face..
The communication is very clear and I could understand an 80%.. Now I know why it is one of the most viewed videos

Bruno Joaquín
Federico Isjaqui said…
hi, y'alright?
teacher I saw the video in YouTube.
I believe she was judged by the public and the jury before she had sung, then they were surprised by her song.
In the world ,the people often judge the appearances without knowing the person.
Together hand in hand we are going to remove it.
A big hug,
Frederic Taylor Isjaqui.
Anonymous said…
Hi! well, when I saw the video I was sorprised because I realized that really let us take many times for appearances...Susan has a great voice and maybe didn't have oportunities like this in her life.


Josefina Mendoza
Facundo Tossici said…
Hello!!!, this is a clear reflex of the aesthetic ideology that people have especially in England. This woman is rather ugly, not much, I saw to her like a grandmother or a mother.
Her voice is incredible and she did a very good performance as the judges said too. She also has a well defined personality.
I wish her luck and not to change her character!!!

Good luck!!!, Facundo Tossici...
3rd Polimodal EAS
Lucas Calegari said…
hello, she has surprised everyone.
although it seems that she is 70 years old, she has an incredible voice that left the judges and the world with their mouths open.

I believe in miracles. Cheer up Mauri!

Calegari Lucas . 3rd Polimodal EAS
Manuela Palisa said…
Honestly, the video didn't impact me. All right, all laughed before she had sung because she isn't pretty (I think that she isn't so ugly, she only have a big papada??-I don't know how is the translation of this word-, she look like a grandmother) and when she started to sung they realized that she have a great voice, but I don't understand why the video cause so much controversy, we all know that we live in a "superficial world" and I don't think that the people need a video like this to realize it.
This is isn't a critic, it's just my point of view...I like more the video of the practice of Phil Collins and Chester Tompson with the stool haha.
A hug.
Florencia Arbe said…
What´s your name darling?
My name ´s Susan Boyle
Ok.. Susan... Ah where ´re you from?
I´m from Blackburn West Lothian..
It ´s a big town..
It ´s a sort... a collection of .. It `s a collection of villages
How old are you Susan?
I ´m fourty seven... It´s just one of side of mine.

When she said that comment and moved her hips.. everybody guffawed and underestimated her..

What ´s your dream?
I'll try to be a professional singer

Later, she said she wanted to sing "I dreamed the dream of the miserables"
In the end of the song, all the people were dumbfounded as said Amanda. Everybody gave her a loud applause, because she made an incredible performance.
Definitely, the judges gave her the highest YES! that they could give someone...
The moral of that story is: actually, the appearance ´s more important than the person´s quality...

Florencia Arbe
3rd Polimodal EAS
Santos and Lilli said…
We think that, it is wrong that people laugh at the first impression. It's no joke. She is ugly but he sings fantastically.

Valeria Santos (1er polimodal) Gerardo Lilli(3er polimodal)
Maru said…
Hi Susana and students!

Borrowing one of the judge's words, let me tell you that it's my priviledge to be commenting in your blog.

I loved to read all your comments. Congratulations! I wish I had a teacher so warm and talented.

A big hug from Mexico.
Natasa said…
Hi Susana,
I like your post. You can be really proud of your students. They left some great comments here.
I did something similar, only in class. I hope she wins the competition. I am definitely a fan.
susanacanelo said…
Wow !!!
Thanks Maru and Natasa for your comments.
And to my students, be proud of your work. Natasa invited her students to read your comments. People from Serbia is going to do it !! Visit Natasa's blog and see it
Anonymous said…
hello susana!! I like me very much susans video!! WE MEET!! ELIAS GARCIA 3 ES
Anonymous said…
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