Thomas visits Del Valle

Thomas Stacey (sent by British Council and Dirección de Capacitación de la Provincia de BA)visited our classrooms. He was at Escuela de Educación Media Nº3 and at EAS (Escuela Agrotécnica Salesiana) in Del Valle. All of us enjoyed listening to a native speaker of English. He made us feel comfortable. My students could use "their" English to communicate with him !!!. One of them even showed him how a flogger dances and some of them showed him the school around. He was always very polite, encouraging students to speak, making his best to understand and he kept a charming smile all the time. Tom used plain English and exchanged funny expressions . He taught : "y'alright " and learnt : " juega un montón"...
Thanks Thomas !!!!!

Now to my students, you have to leave a comment here: maybe the question he answered to you or your mates, something interesting you heard, anything you want to share with other students from another classrooms.

This blog is for you to communicate, remember that.
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Anonymous said…
We've got a chat with Thomas.
He said that his experience in a farm was wonderfull. Because the english don't go to the farm frequently and when they see a cow they say:
"a cow, a cow" "take a photo" "take me a photo with the cow"
There are so many cows here.
It was a very good experience.


..EAS Del Valle..
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
The chat was very interesting, we learned new words and british culture. He doesn't drinks tea. He is studying history, Spanish and Russian. He likes rock and reggae. He likes rugby. His formed school was a sport school.

Mateo Balbiani.
Elias García.
Anonymous said…
For me, this experience was really good.

I went to showed him the school around.. he told us, that he likes that pacific life..
He said:
Here I can see the stars.

Felicitas Althabe
Florencia Arbe said…
I remember when ... Nacho asked him what he had decided to study in his country...
He said it was a bit complicated... because at the beginning he wanted go to China to work and know their culture... but he needed a visa..
Then he decided to study physics.. that isn`t a commonly chosen subject in UK, so he phoned to university and asked for admition... Immediately the secretary told him that he could study in that place, come on to fill a vacancy.. (when Thomas said it he put a funny expression on his face)...
Later, he knew physics wasn`t what he wanted... and started to study Spanish, Russian and History...
He came to the conclusion ... he would know other cultures (he has been in Russia, Italy, France,Poland) so now he is visiting Argentina.

Good luck Thomas... Thanks for sharing.

Florencia Arbe
3rd Polimodal EAS
Aira y Calegari said…
Dear Thomas: We apologize for our English. We know that we do not speak a perfect english but anyway we could communicate.
We are grateful for your visit, we could learn so much about English lifestyle.
Thank you so much.

Aira and Calegari. 3rd Polimodal EAS
Manuela Palisa said…
It was an interesting experience, like an exchange of cultures.Tom told us how the life of a "city boy" in England is, and we showed him how our life in the farm is.
He said that the people would pay to work here in our dairy factory or with the cows...we can make a good bussines! (earning money in pounds...that's pretty good! haha)
Thanks Tom for your visit

Manuela Palisa. 3rd Polimodal EAS
Anonymous said…
Hello! The chat with our friend Thomas was interesting because we learned much of his culture and of his country. He was very ready to answer our rpeguntas and I value it very much. Especially when I ask him on Malvinas.
Thank you Thomas for your visit, good luck!!!

Tossici Facundo, 3º polimodal.
Anonymous said…
Hi guys!

I´m glad you all enjoyed my visit so much, I had a great time at the school. It was great to meet all of you (and i can see now that you understtod what I was talking about :)

Thanks a lot for making me feel so welcome!

Fede said…
Hi!.. I'm Fede
Thomas is very funny, and kind.
Birmingham is very different from Del Valle
He wrote an autograph for me!!
Bye, bye..
Federico Peret. 1st Polimodal
Media 3- Del Valle
Agustin Gorosito said…
Hello Susana, the chat with Thomas was a very interesting experience.. but I didn't understand EVERYTHING thomas said .I understood something.
Even thank you very much, Thomas

Agustín Gorosito 3º Polimodal "B" EAS
Joaquin Bruno said…
"Hi! I am Joaquin…
I think that Thomas' visit was a brilliant idea, because he touched very interesting topics.I also believe that Thomas had a lot of fun especially with the floggers' dance!! By Martin Baztarrica!"

Thanks teacher.
Joaquin Bruno
3rd Polimodal EAS
Federico Ortiz said…
I'm Federico Ortiz.
Thomas told us about rules at school in Birmingham, UK.
He is twenty-three and he's got a girlfriend.

3ºE.Sec. E.E.M. Nº 3 Del Valle
Fernando and Lautaro said…
Thomas is great, he said in Britain they have dinner at 7 pm, this is very early!!!
He likes Del Valle and farm.

Thank you Thomas!!!

Fernando Sosa y Lautaro Gil
Maria Mendoza said…
hi!! I'M Maria...

the chat with Thomas was very interesting.
He traveled to Russia and he speaks Russian.(It sounds strange)
He played Rugby,I like it!!.
He loves cats, I don't like them!
He said: "Argentinian people are very sentimental"...

Bye,see you around Susana!

Maria Mendoza
3º sec . A EAS- Del Valle
Abril Bartolome - Pedro Palisa said…
We believed that English people drink a lot tea, but he likes coffee.
He has got a girlfriend and her name is Emily.
He has got a sister, Jess, and a cat.
He played rugby and hockey.
HE LIKES BOCA JUNIORS!!!"The best of Argentina" said Tom.
He comes from Birningham, near London. Birmingham is a very big city with about 3 million inhabitants.

Abril Bartolomé and Pedro Palisa.
Arte y Agu said…
Last Thursday we had a different day, someone came to visit us from Birmingan (England). This guy called Thomas who was twenty three years old told us about his country and its culture. He also talk about his studies, his family, and all his trips around the world.
He was impressed about our charisma,so different to them.
Gaste "made the ridiculous" dancing electro in front of him.
We all had a great moment listening to Thomas.
Thomas, nice to meet you.

Juan Arteta and Augusto Porcel.
Anonymous said…
once upon a time someone came and began to talk about his culture,in that moment i felt like i needed to know anymore about him. so, i asked Thomas what he could say about the Prime Minister´s decisions, or about the monarchy´s way of living. i also asked him why the UK uses a different currency to the rest of europe.he gave interisting answers.

thank you Thomas...
nacho Bois
3ero polimodal
F Pensa y S Piedrabuena said…
it was great , becouse he said a lot of words that i didn´t understand. but then I understood . he went to several countries ; he hates dogs,but he likes cats .he´s got a very old cat. he thinks it can die. a cat is as "sentimental" as them but dogs are too expressive.

pensa felipe . piedrabuena santiago
Melani Molina said…
When he arrived to school everyone was looking at him, as a kind of alien, but as he said he was only a "city boy" the first thing I remembered from my partners, was that they all told me to ask him about "God´s hand" and very polite he told us "emmm, you know I’m English, and it´s obvious for me to hate him but I really think he is the best football player ever , and with the brightest play that anyone has ever made".. See you soon teacher.. Thank you for the experience

Melany Molina.
!st Polimodal EAS
Santiago Isjaqui said…
I liked this visit of Tom.I could not ask any question because I did not dare.This is my comment I hope that you like it.
Santiago Isjaqui
Anonymous said…
I'm Eugenia Averastegui,,
Thomas is great.!!
He said what in Britain there aren't more cows..!!
But here, yes.!!
Eugenia (media 3 Del Valle)
Anonymous said…
hi! thomas surprised me when he said that inglish people is very respectfull saying words as thank you, please,pardon but they aren´t very friendly kissing or embracing friends, parents or relatives.

Emanuel Mensi
Eugenia Averastegui said…
I'm Eugenia Averastegui,,
Thomas is great.!!
He said that in Britain there aren't so many cows..!!
But here, yes.!!
Eugenia (media 3 Del Valle)
Macarena Pierini said…
Hi teacher! The Tom's visit was great!. I remember that tom said that the Argentinians are very sentimental.
He said that we greet with a kiss and them with the hand.
and when Agustin said "he is Tomas" and Tom said "oh, good name! " it was very funny :)

Macarena Pierini(1º pol EAS).
Macarena Pierini said…
Macarena Pierini has left a new comment on your post "Thomas visits Del Valle":

Hi teacher! Tom's visit was great!. I remember that Tom said that the Argentinians are very sentimental.
He said that we greet with a kiss and they shake hands.
and when Agustin said "he is Tomas" Tom said "oh, good name! " it was very funny :)

Macarena Pierini(1º pol EAS).
Anonymous said…
Did you think I wanted to tell you my identity??!! no , I WONT!!!
I´m just joking , me Gomitz is again at the action(Agustin Gomez)
this experience was great,yes,it was.of course HE(THOMAS our visitant) has used a `play english system´.I could understand a lot of words.I prefered to listen before talk to him.I really thougt that the english people were very cold, but I were wrong.
I´m happy for his visit,I think he´s great , and an excelent person.I wish he could return soon.
well,sometimes the world is a bit little more that we think.
see you at the next crazy encou... just at the next encounter
see you everyone.
A.Gomez(or just Gomitz)
Nazareno Montes said…
hello teacher, " late but sure", ha,ha,ha

well, I asked these questions to Tomas:

How is the life in England?? and he answered me: " the life in England is boring, none give you a kiss to welcome, only shake hands, and nothing more...
If you try to give a kiss, they fight you.... hahaha

KISSeS... Montes Nazareno