What nationality are you ?

Argentinian people love football as much as dulce de leche...What do you think? 
To my students from 2nd secondary A EAS. Write a comment about the things we do and make us different from people living in another countries.
Tell us what an Argentinian does...

You've worked a lot in class so you can enjoy a game at home. Let's play. If you click on the title you can take a test to "know" what nationality you are .
It's just a game. Don't take it seriously but print or copy your result to share in class.
A hug.
Your teacher, Susana
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Luciana Caffaso said…
My nationality is Argentinian...
The Argentinians like the asado and the dulce de leche...
We dance techno and tango...
The people of Argentine like football very much...

Gustavo said…
Dulce de Leche!!!!! Asado!!!!! mmmmmm
Muy lindo esto de seguir conectado con la escuela!!!!
Iriat and Pagnone said…
Our nationality is argentinian
The argentinians like the asado and dulce de leche
We play very good football
and dance tango!!!!
We drink mate and eat empanadas too
We are great!!!

Lautaro and Alexis
Acevedo and Virgilio said…
We are Argentinean .
The Argentinians like the asado and the dulce de leche.
we eat empanadas and locro...
we dance tango very well...!!

Emilia and Juliana
Anonymous said…
My nationality is Argentinian.
We have "asado" with the whole family on sunday.
We play "truco", a game played with cards.
We make and eat "tortas fritas" when it rains.

Sofia Pavone
Agustina Sirico said…
We are argentinean.
We eat much asado,sweet the milk,empanadas,locro and we take much mate!.
We like play football,bascketball and tennis.
The majority of the Argentinean smokes.
Some we are very aggressive.
We dance very well tango, cumbia, chamame, electro and regeton!.

Agustina Sirico
Agustin Vaccaro said…
I`m argentinean.
we eat asado,dulce de leche,and empanadas
we drink mate.
the argentinean dance tango,watch football,car racing and play footbal,tennis, basquetball very weel and the women play hockey.
Our idols are Maradona, Vilas, Gardel, Luciana Aimar, Manu Ginobilli, and other plus.
go Argentina go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My nationality is argentinian!

Every Argentinian likes the dulce de leche and asado. They're fans of the football. They like mate, too. Their favourite traditional dishes are locro and empanadas.
They can dance tango and folklore. They dance very well!

Anonymous said…
I`m argentinean.
We drink mate, eat roast and celebrate birthdays.
We dance tango, folclore, reggeton.
We play footbal, basquetball and tennis.

María Jose Adornetto. 2º "A".
Nicolas Leiva said…
In Argentina ,we like the ASADO and mate very much.
We play football very well and Messi is of the best of the world in football.ARGENTINE IS THE BEST COUNTRY OF THE WORLD WITH THE DULCE DE LECHE WHATIS THE RICHEST THING

aguante la argentina:D

Anonymous said…
My name is Cuello Daiana.I am Argentinian. I live in a house in Valdes-25 DE MAYO!!
I am a student.I read English File 1 and I watch Much Music or Space.
I don´t smoke.
I speak Spanish and a little English.I play basketball baseball and voleyball.I drik tea or mate...
I like my horse!!!
Pablo Fabbi said…
my nationality is argentina.
I like asado and dulce de leche.
I play basketball footballer.
I am a student in Del Valle Salesian School
I never smoke ...

Pablo Fabbi.
Spilman Juan said…
Hello! my name is Juan Manuel Spilman,,My nationality is Argentinian
I play football and run
I am a student
I like locro and asado,,
I never smoke

Bye bye,

Spilman juan manuel. =)
I'm sorry to be late with my homework, teacher
julyancitoo! said…
Hello!! Good forgive for the delay and I want to raise note for 3 crosses =D =)
This way that I am going to begin:
I´m Argentinian, I like the empanadas,dulce de leche,mate and a bit the locro.
We are Distinguished in:
Football,Basketball,Hokey on grass, Tennis, Rugby, Medicine, Agriculture, etc.
Your best student(lie) Julian Mosquera

Postscript:sorry I´m late with my homework.
Pablo Fabbi said…
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Nicolas Pulido said…
We smoke small cigarettes
We watches TE LE FE
We like football,basketball,racing cars and tennis
We drink mate
We eat meat empanadas.

Nicolás Pulido
Maria Belen Yezzi said…
Hello!My name is Maria Belen Yezzi(piojo).I'm argentinian
Every argentinian likes dulce de leche,asado and empanadas!!
We play football,bascketball and tennis!!
We drink mate and eat meat empanadas!!

Bye Bye

Love and Kisses!!
Leandro Rojas said…
My name is Leandro Rojas
My nationality is Argentinian.
We watches TE LE FE
We play football and bascketball
We drink mate
We eat meat pizza
We smoke cigarettes
I am a student in Del Valle Salesian School
leandro sconfienza said…
we drink mate this is very good

we like racing cars and football

we likes asado, dulce de leche

pablo el fabi said…
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que feo que feo

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Anonymous said…
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