Oscar awards at school

Yesterday night , in Los Angeles the Oscar Awards party was held... Today our awards ceremony in Del Valle !!!
Here are the winners !!!

This video by Lucas Calegary and Ezequiel Estelrich was the winner in Best Edition category. They made us laugh a lot !!!

The category "best images" was won by Beautiful Boy. A lovely video acted by Camila's little brother. This video was made by Astrid Compagnoni, Isabel Hayes and Camila Laspale

Imagine by Pedro Palisa won the Best song category

This is the best video : You've got a friend, by Macarena Pierini, Santiago Isjaqui and Carolina Andorno


Hala said…
Congratulations to the winners!I really enjoyed watching your work!Superb!
Great work!
Hala (from Khartoum, Sudan)
susanacanelo said…
Thanks Hala !!!
Your comment is really important for my students and me !!!