Del Valle Film Festival 2009

Today our Del Valle Film Festival 09 was held at EAS school.
Now is your turn to vote.
If you want to enjoy the videos again, go to YouTube and look for: delvallefilmfestival.
Some videos couldn't be uploaded because of copyright laws.

Congratulations to all the students who worked hard to be part of the project. 2nd and 3rd Polimodal solved all the technical problems we had. Thanks.
You rock !!! Enjoy and happy holidays


da said…
profesora soy dante tengo un video para su bir como hago

dante etcheverry
Anonymous said…
hi teacher!
im joaquin bruno, I just saw your video and wanted to leave a comment.
Now, im in an Adventist College, it is like the high school EAS but with more independence. I have some 2 roomates, one from Paraguay and the other one is from the south of United States. My roomates are talking all the time in english so im learning a lot of the lenguage. In a first time, I was so nervous, because i never heard guys talking in english, but with time i get just to that, and now im just talk like everyone.
Its so cool becuase in the UAP(The college where im taking classes) let me know people from anywhere like haiti, brasil, curasao, el caribe, and some others countries.
If u notice it, im very good in the class of english rigth now, jaja, no so much but im trying to do my best.
i hope u're doing great!
see you later, thanx for ur classes. say hi to every teacher for me.