Earth Lab

Dear 3rd Poli EAS.

Consume less, live more, reduce your impact. That's the idea of Earth Lab

You're invited to explore it.
Enter the site by clicking on the title.
Calculate your impact and then try to reduce your score.
Go to : CHANGE A HABIT. You have to choose three pledges from different topics (from Home to lifestyle), and find out the reason .
Come back to the blog and Paste your score and your 3 pledges. Sign and send.


Anonymous said…
My ECP score is 273, just a little more than the Argentineans average.
My carbon emissions are 9.3 tones (¿in witch time interval?... oh my God, as usually the units... what are the units of that estimation?, y hope someone can answer my heavy doubt helping me to end my headache)

My pledges are:
#1: "I will plant a tree"
#2: "I will begin using a composter or will make a compost pile in my garden"
I don’t know why the site doesn’t let me to make my third pledge.

I really believe that Susana hade a very good idea with this invitation, it is a better way to begin the heavy trip we initiate than that I imagined. However I need to make a comment. In the questions the survey ask there are someone that seems to be unfit to our reality, don’t panic, it is designed to USA but we can answer it with a reasonably accuracy. It is a good exercise to think about what is difficult to answer and what is lacking from the survey.

I hope all of you to be able to judge my bad English with kindness and not with my usual severity (or cruelty perhaps?).
Best whishes

PS: Susana, I encourage you to be as sever correcting me as I am with those poor “white unharmed doves”.
Anonymous said…
ECP Carbon
MY SCORE: 354 14.6
#1: "I will plant useful greenery near my home" 5/23/2008
#2: "I will keep my refrigerator door closed" 5/23/2008
#3: "I will remove and throw my bottle cap away before I recycle my plastic bottle" 5/22/2008

This work is very good, much enjoyment doing it.
I share the opinion that Rafa be severe with the corrections ... jeje
I'm dead! I have the highest level of carbon that an American! I must improve
I pledge yesterday of the lids and today the compliance with all the bottles I found as well as from light but not as I pledge.
I hope that I do not find this wraiting been badly improvised jaja
A kiss and having a good day ..

P.D.: Has not taken on Monday and Friday please!
susanacanelo said…
Flavia: good work, but you have to read twice, before posting.

Don't forget you have to choose three pledges and REASONS or explanations about those pledges. These explanations can be found on your right.

A hug
Anonymous said…
MY SCORE 218 4.4

My pledges:
1 "I will lower the temperature on my hot water heater" (Reduce the temperature setting of your water heater to "quite warm", usually about 1300F/550C. This will save energy and be hot enough to prevent bacteria from growing in the tank.)

2 I will use a power strip and unplug electronic devices when not in use (Unplug electronic devices when not in use. If you can't manage that, turn off power sources on the power strip if you're using one. Over 60% of the energy consumed by home electronics is done so while the products are not in use)

3 "I will unplug my cell phone charger when not in use" (Charge. Unplug. Repeat. Even without your phone attached, your cell phone charger still draws a current and wastes energy)

i don´t know if that is okay,but i tried,at least
best wishes
Mely said…
MY SCORE 256 7.3

1) "I will make good use of the water in my yard/garden"
Pledge: Keep the base of your tree covered with wood mulch, chips, or rocks, not allowing anything to touch the trunk of the tree itself. This will allow the water to penetrate the soil to reach the tree roots and prevent unwanted growth. You may also dig a small trench to avoid water runoff if your tree is planted on a hill or incline.

2)"I will close doors to areas when they are not being used and keep the heat/air conditioning off in them"
Pledge: Heating or cooling unused areas of your home is obviously wasteful, so close them off from heat and air conditioning when you are not using them.

3)"I will turn off the lights when I leave a room, even if only for a few minutes"
Pledge: TURN OFF THE LIGHT!!! That friend in high school that told you that turning a light on and off requires more energy than just leaving it on was WRONG, so turn the lights off when you leave a room.
Best wishes teacher!
Pablo Berthold said…

1- I will use rechargeable batteries in my remote control and other battery operated items
Pledge: Charge it. Rechargeable batteries last up to four times longer than traditional alkaline, saving both money and the environment.

2- will use my blinds in an energy efficient way
Pledge: Use your blinds and curtains wisely. In the winter, open them during the day for heat and to save on need for electrical lights. In the summer, be sure to close the shades to keep cool.

3-I will implant my yard or garden with earthworms
Pledge: Use earthworms. Earthworms will bring nutrients from deep down in the earth as they come up creating channels for air and moisture, and will carry the nutrients from your mulch into the soil to be accessed by a plant's roots. They will improve soil quality while consuming their weight in organic matter each day.

Pablo Berthold
daba said…
1)I will use natural pesticides in my garden
Pledge: Blend 1 garlic clove, 1 small hot pepper and a quart of water in a blender, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray it on your inside and outside plants, and this recipe will help keep the pests away in a natural way
2)I will get a home energy audit
Pledge: Not all of us can afford to build a brand new, super green home, but most of us can get an energy audit to green our homes bit by bit. An auditor will inspect your house and give you your best options for energy conservation strategies and upgrades.
3)I will use natural forms of pest control in my garden
Pledge: Pest control. Use cedar mulch as a guard against both weeds and pests in the yard and garden, and research other methods of pest control that will not harm your family or the planet.

Is a good activity.
Anonymous said…
I,m Lucila Moriones, i played the game and i donated 71 cups! i think this game would help a lot to the children from the most contaminated countries.