The fun theory

Volkswagen has started a campaign under the idea of FUN. They say people can change to better behavior if it's funny.

Watch the video and tell us what people don't usually do, what they're trying to do now
Have you got any other idea?

Visit The Fun Theory page, here and explore more videos. If you dare, take part in the contest and win 2,500 euros. I know you're creative enough.


Luciana Caffasso said…
yo tambien ubiese elegido la escalera pianoo,, jajaj !!
Anonymous said…
hi teacher! without a doubt, these is one of the most wonderful videos that you've ever uploaded in your blog.. I'd prefer that is implement in Argentina! jeje
i hope that you continue with your blog!


Joaquín Bruno
susanacanelo said…
Thanks Joaquín !!!
And the most important isn´t a homework.
Please, keep in touch to keep your English alive.
I can tell you...It opens gates.
A hug.
Your teacher