Man in the mirror

"If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place

Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change "

As our Alejandro Lerner says : "para cambiar el mundo, empieza por tí "
Michael Jackson said the same in 1988, in his song : Man in the mirror.

Listen to Sarah, a beautiful teacher from New Zealand, explaining the song's meaning and then write a short report about it (60 words). What things you think must be changed, what we can do from our place, what things we complain about, what things are improving and what are getting worse.
Use clauses and linkers of contrast : although, however, in spite of/despite + gerund.(-ing).
You can use the Writing skills 5 : discursive compositions, on page 69 in your student's book.

Leave your writing in comments.

Listen to the song and watch the video.

Sarah goes on with another topics to complete her class. So, give more examples using "PRETEND".

Read the joke and enjoy her class.
Thanks Sarah !!!


Anonymous said…
although I understand not find anything that said the professor of New Zealand, I can say that this is an issue related to the main song in the mirror of Mickel jackson.

This song to me like the phrase that reads "I'M STARTING WITH THE MAN IN
I'm asking HIM TO CHANGE

Despite that phrase is understandable, said many things that one and many do not understand what it tries to tell or show us acts.
what we want to show this song is that we must open our eyes in front of the mirror and show the man in the mirror that you are different from him in the sense of helping the needy. and is very good because you got to show the change to start with yourself, do not wait for others to begin that change.

Anonymous said…
however in my case I believe that never change because he always helped people who have helped me and others that did nothing for me. I feel so good and I am very happy.

Anonymous said…
Michael is a genius!
This song is REALLY good..
I think that this world is so selfish, where the most important is our environment and nothing more. For me, if we will make a change must be start for we themselves.
This phrases are so good!!

You Can't Close Your...Your Mind!
Stand Up And Lift Yourself, Now!

When we watch this videos, our minds change, although we forget that in a few seconds, when we search our own happiness without knowing that we find this happiness help other people, because i think that the best feeling is when you help someone, put in his face a big laugh.

That said Lucas:
"do not wait for others to begin that change"

Anonymous said…
I think like Felicitas.
Michael John Jackson is a bigger.
I can't believe why some people would want to sink him.

He loved the childrens, so I don't believe he had abuse them.

Some persons say now the people are Michael's fans because he died.
I am not agree. When a person die, the people just realize the things que this person did.
Just now, me and a lot of people can know the kind of person that Jacko was.

(I love make the moonwalk, althought I do it bad..)

Manuela Palisa said…
I’m a little tired of listening Michael Jackson’s songs everywhere after his death; however he was a great person who thought in the ones who don’t have anything, in spite of having all that you can imagine, rich people sometimes are selfish.
Some rich and famous people are getting conscience of the problems in the world about starving and poverty, and try to help. I think that one of the things that helps to get conscience was the Band Aid…you know about that? I saw a documental a time ago, was a group founded by Bob Geldof (the actor of The Wall) who decided to do something to raise money for Ethiopia, so a lot of great artists of that moment recorded “Do They Knock it’s Christmas?” and was sold for charity.
Ok, I think that I started to talk about other thing…anyway, Man in a Mirror have a great lyric.
Augusto Genaro Porcel Galeotti said…
I really began to know Michael Jackson after his death. We have talked a lot of Michael this last month.I've already known about some of his songs like "Heal The World" (I used to sing it in English Classes when I was younger) but I never listened them carefully. In fact I didn't know about "Man In The Mirror".
But now, I've just listened to it and I think it's a great message he's giving there. I wish that there were more people thinking on the needs of these children, trying to help them from their place. I think Michael was right, how much longer will we pretend that everything is allright?
We have to act now! We must begin to act from our place. It doesn't matter if they are small things because that small thing is really important: building up our consciences like real human beings.
Anonymous said…
feliiiiiiiii no pongas lo mismo que yoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

lucas eduardo vieja calegari
Carlos Julio Aira said…
Very amazing video, really touch my heart and make me think about the important that is to help the people who really needs that, starting by one, however sometimes we don´t help everybody in spite that we have a lot of more things, i think that we lack the most important, more the love to people, althought with time and hope we can have this.
Anonymous said…
The video are amazing for me and touch my heart, this make me remember about the people that needs help really althought we forgeting this.

Carlos Julio Aira.
Anonymous said…
This video is really amazing for me, it shows the side of the world that few people.
Although that video is seens by many peole, because Jackson is knows, we not provide the necessary assistance.

Florencia Arbe said…
To start with, The Sarah´s video is too interactive and reflects the words that everybody hardly ever thinks. I´d like to change a lot of things as: children`s maltreat and abuse, some child are forced to beg and work, nevertheless they don´t go to school and eat one of four daily meals. Also I increase jobs, consequently the number of unemployed would be less so the criminals will be less, they work not steal, and the world would be safer. I try to make people conscious of the pollution.

I can`t pretend think that all is right when the world cant feed 12.000 million people ( the double of actual habitants) but 25.000 people die diary for hungry and 10 kids die for minute.

There are many things to do but the change must be slow provided we accept this task.

Days ago, I saw a video which contain a summary of this. It calls “Earth song” and was made by Michael Jackson.
Anonymous said…
This video is very reflexive. Michael Jackson in my opinion is a good person because always it wanted to help those poor boys who were in the streets. Thing that I believe is necessary to change in this world. He is a great artist, he is a very good artist, and thanks to this to achieved to give a smile to more of a boy.
I cannot stand that now after his death they all are friends of Michael and believe that it was the biggest. Stopping of side his physical transformations I admira his love for the music and the boys always it remained and it is what really I emphasize of him.

Facundo Tossici...
Anonymous said…
I think that everyone that sees this video will reflect on his acts from now on.
we all know the situation that million of persons are living in our days; victims of violence, destervation, abuses...
however a few ones make something really special and significant for a neighbour.
altough, many people think that there are issues that common people can´t solve, I think that the whole society can contribute to solve that problem if it work like a team or the opposite; that problem would be bigger if people don´t work like a team. for example: global warming, is a great problem. but any of us can help reducing emmisions. Energy saving, is important too. and I couldn´t pretend forgetting this number; every time someone leaves the taps dripping, over 30 litres/day are wasted. knowing that there are countries were water is running out, we should think carefully about it.
Anonymous said…
JI Bois
Anonymous said…
Understanding little video, but read the comments of my friendsJohn Michael Jackson is a great person, and despite having everything you imagine, look at the needs of others, Michael was happy, however he helps other people who really need it, for example, people who have hungry or haven t home.

Gerardo Lilli
Anonymous said…
hi! everyone...i´am juan tomas arteta.
before all, michael jackson was a great person and such a good singer...
although he had wrong attitudes that marked him for the rest of his life, he had a big heart, because he wanted to help all those poor kids, but one only person can´t change the world just in one day...
i hope he had helped all the people he could, and i hope he had found the hapiness in his acts, too.
Anonymous said…
quelo thinks: michael jackson is the best dancer that I have seen in the world, including more than me!!! I can`t believe it!. I didn`t like his skin colour... very white and his nose was very (puntiaguda in English). If someone English read it I want he know that I`m Arsenal supporter...
AND NO MORE... Ezequiel Hostal Rich.
Pedro Roncati said…
Since michael died, i have been watching lots of his videos in utube, and i discovered that i coulda been his fan, but sadly it's too late :(

PS: TEAAAACHEEEEERRRRR how're u? i was bored and i entered here, at first i couldn't remember the blog's name but i finally got it :P
how are things goin on in del valle? send some hugs to my ex-partners and to laura, bye bye