To my students in 1st and 2nd secondary. You have to choose a rhyme and learn it by heart. If you like, write the first words of the rhyme you chose , so our class show is original.


Anonymous said…
i´m is fioretti
i like apples
he likes pears
Anonymous said…
Look at her...

Luciana Caffasso.
Anonymous said…
Elephants walk,
Tigers run,
Snakes can slide,
In rain or sun.

julian mosquera. . .
melina moscoloni said…
I cant ride a bicycle
I ride fast and slow
Daiana Osen said…
This is my father
That is my mother
She is my sister
I am her brother
juan pedro cora said…
his flower is red,
her flover are blue.

juan pedro cora
flores paula said…
i can sing...
flores paula
Anonymous said…
Where are you going?

Why do you run?

I´m going to the bakery,

To buy a bun.
Anonymous said…
i am leandro sconfienza

this is my head

this is my nose

ten little finers

ten little toes
Anonymous said…
Your dress is white
My shirt is blue
Your dress is old
my shirt is new.

Froschauer matias