Blogging to know about other cultures

2nd Polimodal, you're going to have your own blog !!!

The first part of our activity is to explore and make comments on blogs written by people like you. Intermediate English students wanting to produce their own texts.

Don't click on the title, because Ronaldo's blog has been deleted. I kept the post anyway to save some of your comments.
(If you click on the title, you'll find the blog of Ronaldo's students in Brazil. Let's start sharing.)

Good luck and good job.


Nergiz said…
Hi Susana

What a wonderful blog! Full of engaging and fun activities. I like the odiogo feeds. I've put it on my list of tools I will try out on my class blog. Just starting teaching online.
Thanks for so many great ideas!

Nergiz Kern
delvallesiosi said…
rafaelgv1 dijo en 25/04/08 17:09 …

Hey Florencia! sorry for invading your Flog and write in english here but its because i just dont understand a damn thing in spanish =D so im Rafael,the rocker from Brazil,you and Gaste posted on my Blog on that project...anyways,nice you guys have a project almost like ours. About coming to Brazil...Argentina is a kind of neighbor so i think that you would like visiting here believe me,its close to Argentina however is wayyyy different! anyways my parents have been to Argentina but i had never! i would like to visit it too some people say you´re all very kind to us brasilians and i would really like to visit it,because now i know that Argentina has lots of pretty girls too! haha kiding.. anyways thx for the comment hope to know more about you and your friend Gaste!
kisses, Rafael

I pasted the message Rafael sent to Florencia Arbe.
I think it's fantastic, you're communicating by using English as a tool, beyond our classroom. CONGRATULATIONS and good work!!
delvallesiosi said…
rafaelgv1 dijo en 25/04/08 17:16 …

Hey Gaste! sorry about the english on your flog... Im Rafael form Brazil,you and Florencia left me a post on my english project blog! anyways thx for the post nice that enjoy those bands too i would include Van Halen and Queen on those that you considered as the best of rock´n´roll history! anyways you didnt mentioned if you´d like to visit Brazil! but hey! jsut as i said to Florencia my parents have been already to Argentina and they told me that you country rocks! the only country outside Brazil I had been in South America was Chile!...anyways i would love to visit Argentina now that i know that the Argentina rocks! and that there are pretty girls on your country hahuauau anyways just kidding hope to know more about you and Florencia thx again for the post!
kisses!, Rafael
oh yeah if you´re interested i have more videos on youtube check my user there! see ya! ;D

I also pasted this message to Gaste. Both of you have to say thanks to Rafael. And be proud by the result.
Good work
Your teacher. Susana
koob said…
I really don't know where i can answer one comment to manu, but i hope she can see this one here. =]
Manu, i really loved what you said about my country, i want to know yours someday,but talking about the dance our music has a lot of different rythms and we can dance close to the boys, what is so cool.
by the way now i'm taking classes of samba de gafieira i don't know if it sound familiar to you. I'm loving to learn how to dance it! If u want i could teach you when you come again to Brazil!
I live in the capital, Brasília, is very nice here to, but the south of Brasil is amazing! Did you visit other places here?
Kisses manu, let's keep in touch!
delvallesiosi said…
Hey Consty thx for your comment on my Blog Im Rafael the rocker from Brazil! im answering to you by mail,because you just gave me the adress to your class blog not to yours directly anyways, well nice to know that there still people that enjoy hard rock on other countrys too.

im not in a band just because aplying for colleges in Brazil is verryyy hard work takes time and dedication howerver i had 2 invitations from know bands in my region last year but im thinking about college know...anyways i would like to know more about you,your school your country if you´d like to visit Brazil some day cause were kinda like neighbors right?! =D haah and to finish find my user on youtube if you´d like to wacth more videos that i recorded some sucked but some are okay so see ya Consty! hope to know more about you soon!
kisses!, Rafael

This message was sent by e-mail to Consty. She is sharing it with the whole group. Thanks and congratulations !!!!
Hi teacher!!!!! I'm consty!!! I'm happy because Ronaldo wrote me in our blog!!!
I hope you could see it!
A hug