Do you think you can't do it?

Sometimes you think there's a cloud over your head. Your exams are too difficult. Your life is full of problems.

Well ,think twice. Watch this fantastic video and tell us what you think


Anonymous said…
I believe that this video is very important for my, because it demonstrates that there are things more important for that to worry in the life and not to walk complaining all the time for tests whereas others do not have for study, or for the food while others do not have to eat.
Zárate alvaro, 2º pol.
Anonymous said…
This video is very impact and demostrate to the society that we all are in conditions to confront the rivalities of the life and at the same time emotion me because I see well that these people dance.
I hope that many take it as an example.

Mariano Urrutia 2 º Polimodal