Play with words and feed the world

You can practice your vocabulary and play.
Sometimes you want to say something and you can't find the words. There are several ways to feed your brain with new words. Why don't you try this site?
More words you've got right, more rice they donate.
Great idea.!!!!
You don't need registration, just PRACTICE. It's a multiple choice exercise.


delvallesiosi said…
Some suggestions:
Take notes from that words you don't know.
Leave me a comment telling how much rice you could donate.
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher, this one very good the game and very interesting the project. Try to find the meaning to the words and in some I could find them and in others not ... but this one good to collaborate playing..
I do not have anything more to say .. only it was of visit for the blog, this way you do not get angry, kiss daiana bentancurt
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher!!!!

This game is the best, because I could help playing…

I played until the vocabulary level six, and I have donated 60 grains of rice.

It is not a lot of help but I hope that serves and you understand me…

Kiss bye bye see you Florencia Arbe
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher!!!!! I'm here one more time!!!

The game is really funny!! and sometimes you think it's only a game but in this case you're thinking that you're helping with all you studied... I really like this... I've donated 70 grains of rice! It isn't so much but if everybody could see it, they could help a lot!!!

Like everytime, this is a really great job!!! Congratulations!

kisses... CONSTY!

oh!!! I was here to question you if you know some page where I can find about topics, because you know that writtings are hard for me!!! bye!!
Anonymous said…
This game helps us to learn, because besides studying, we can learn by playing and helping people who need help. we plays level one and lost.
Anonymous said…
walter perez:
this game is a good form for help to hangry persons, because the rice is very nutritious.
they would give meat too, ( this is a good idea).
I have got a small dog for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, call me 0234515420642.
thank you.....
Anonymous said…
Florencia Dutto:
Hello!!! Teacher... The play it's wonderful, because I can help people whith I know, loves...
Anonymous said…
Hello susana!!! have i won 5000 pesos?? Jajaja. good I hope that the commentary is understandable. To help playing it is a pasatiempos (one does not annoy if wrote badly) very enterteining I wait to donate enough and that a part comes to my house, good this idea was exelente it seems to me that those who thought it, is not going to give them the budget. Good chau I hope that you has liked. Leonardo Ladux 2ยบ pol
Anonymous said…
Pedro Larrouyet: Jajaja I laughed very much with the activity and i discover my ignorance on some meanings.
I still have an hour playing, it is very entertaining.
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher. What of free rice is serious?
I seemed very good idea of rice. I think that is a lie because it must be impossible to donate through Internet.I´m Nicolas Paez.