Hi: 2nd poli EAS 2006 !!!
This time I want to share with you this fantastic space.
Read, listen and enjoy the song. Try to watch the video,it's a bit tough.
Watch the video while you're paying attention to the song.
Then , add a comment.
This is about war,from a page called http://www.informationclearinghouse.info .It's said that the news given here you won't find on CNN .

What's the most moving scene in the video? What do you think about it? About war?


Anonymous said…
In my opinion the most moving scenes in the video were two pictures about two different children, one was dead and dirty and the other was burnt and crying in his mother's hands.
It's incredible what the desicion of one person can do, i think that this war and every war in this world had and has no reason
Ingacio castellani, 2 pol, bolivar.
Anonymous said…
it´s difficult to see all things that happened in the world, sometimes we can´t believe that someone is living in war, difficult, hard and sometimes strange for someone that never has lived one of this scene.People with sad eyes,people who lost family,babies without mum, families without house all because someone is ambitious and doesn´t understand what bravery is.
It´s right to show it,all people have to see what happened not only good news have to be shown.We aren´t living in a cristal world..
DAMARIS SERRA_16_E.A.S.2006 2nd Poli_Carlos Casares.BsAs.Arg.
Alexis said…
hello! I´am Alexis Piergi├ícomi from Saladillo. I think that war is something terrible and we all have to join to a stop it.
Anonymous said…
the video is very tough, but I´m not interesed in this kind of things.This is not a themme to threat in the school, it´s a themme to threat in the authorities of each country.say no more
Jorge Luis Punta Raffo said…
I´m Jorge Luis Punta Raffo and I´m 16, I haven´t got much to say about this war to Irak, I just say ``every war in this world was, is and will be for money, is all avaricius, war, blood, weapons and the worst are deads, deads and most of fucking deads. I wouldn´t like to be in a war, please God save us world of this caos, I don´t like living in it´´... Well I say ``chau´´ or goodbye to everybody.
Anonymous said…
I think that is incredible that only a group of people manage the world as they want, thinking only in their money! and no paying attention to human kind and knowing that everybody on earth hated them. This video shows that is incredible... but no imposible!!!.
I´m itati from carlos casares, argentina, i´m 16 years old