There is a small church in Del Valle.Our community is mainly catholic but not everybody goes to Mass. In spite of this, many people meet there every Sunday morning.
We've got a sweet,old priest who comes from the Salesian School.


SusNyrop said…
Hello Susana from another Susanne,

your small town sounds like a nice place to live. I'll get back to you soon,

Sus in Denmark
Jane said…
What a lovely small town! Your pictures are very nice.

Jane in Canada
Cristina said…
it seems to a very nice little town.
I also loved the country pictures.
Chrissan said…
Dear Susana, what a tasteful blog! The atmosphere in the pictures goes soooo well with the template. This really creates added effects to your messsages. Try this link to add a clock. I haven't tried it but I can see that many blogs get their clocks from here! Let us know the outcome ;-)
carla said…
Hi, susana,

I can see that you live in a real community where everybody knows each other! It must be a very nice life.

If you still want some help with the links, just send me an email, I might be able to help you.

Carla Arena
Pedro Roncati said…
Congratulations, this blogg is fantastic.
joako said…
hello i'm joaquin casas, and i'm student in this school, the teacher is very crazy, hahaha no she isn't crazy.
i think that she is the best teacher in the eas.
sory for my erros, this blog is very beautifull.
i see you someday.
josefina, valeria y romina said…
hi! how are you? we`re vale, kolo and jose.we´re in the cyber of Del Valle city,ja,ja.
this blog is very interesting and we like it.
by!, see you.