Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My home town

Del Valle is a very small village in the middle of Bs As Province in Argentina.
This is the old train station where still a daily train goes to and from Bs As ,200km far from here.
We're about 900 inhabitants here. Everybody knows everybody,so all of us are good neighbours.


Valeria said...

It was nice to read about your village. It must be very pleasant to live in a community where everybody knows everybody :)
Valeria from Hungary

Cora Chen said...

Dear Susana,
Your homeland sounds very peaceful and pleasant with good neighbors who can help each other.

Congratulations on your blog!

Babi said...

Del Valle sounds like a real haven for people who want to get out of the rat race. And your site looks a lot better than mine (I'll have to insert pictures too but I'm afraid they won't be anywhere as near):-))
Babi (Mariana Sava, Romania)

Gladys Baya said...

Nice to meet you at your blog, Susana! Your name rings a bell, have we met before? (I live in Ciudad de Buenos Aires).

If you learn to insert banners, just let me know... I'm waiting to get one for my own blogs!
I'll add you to my Bloglines, so that we keep in touch!


Jcbrava said...

Susana, this is really very attractive. Congrats!


Erika Cruvinel said...

Really nice photos of your town! I live in the capital of Brazil. Although it is not so distant, I've never been to Argentina! Hope to visit it one day!
Erika Cruvinel

Naeko said...

Dear Susana,

It is great to know about your village with 900 people! Sounds like you have a very peaceful, quiet environment.

Thanks for sharing pictures too!


Berta said...

Dear Susana, I can´t imagine what it is like to live in such a quiet place where everyone knows one another. It must be heaven (and at times it must be hell ... like the "Hotel California" song by The Eagles says). Just kidding!!!

It looks gorgeous ...

Alvaro said...

Dear Susana, I want to thank you for gaving the "guns" for the fight in this "New World".
I wish that you have a good school year. See you soon.
Alvaro, From Bolivar, Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Hi, teacher I really apreciate your effort in this theme, I think it will cost me to get a blog as good as yours,and about your town Del Valle, I can`t deny it is a very comfortable place to live although I was born in another city.In this moment, you are asking us to leave this page and enter google, so i will obey you.
hugs, good luck

Fede Bois